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We provide waterproofing coatings and caulkings to decks, expansion joints, stucco, brick, synthetic stucco, poured concrete, precast concert, plywood, exterior insulation finished systems (EIFS) and previously coated masonry substrates. The systems that we apply are chosen either according to your engineered specifications or based on our recommendation for your specific circumstances. We provide certified applicators for many coating and waterproofing systems.
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Exterior Repaints

Exterior repaints are far more complex than new construction painting projects because pedestrian traffic is a safety concern. We provide detailed safety precautions to be taken, dependent on the level of traffic at your site. We also provide comprehensive Gantt charts that show our proposed methodology for advancing through your exterior project. From downtown San Francisco to San Jose, we are familiar with each cities’ particular restrictions and regulations. Our aim is to maintain a professional job that has the least amount of inconvenience to your customers and tenants as possible.

Lead Renovation

We have extensive experience on lead painting projects and are well known at Stanford University as the go to painter when it is necessary to follow OSHA and EPA lead in construction safety requirements. If you have an upcoming lead project, rest assured that McLaughlin Painting provides services according to regulations. HEPA equipment, chemical strippers, proper personal protective equipment and strict containment procedures are all items we’d be happy to discuss with you for your next project.
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Drywall Repair

Many of our customers have drywall repairs that are needed before painting. To add to your convenience, we offer drywall repair services. This could be anywhere from applying a small piece of new drywall to re-drywalling an entire room. We are very experienced with applying many different textures, including knockdown, orange peel and level 5 finish. We can seal off work areas to provide dust free conditions for rooms remaining in service.

Parking Lot Striping

Our customers often ask us to re-stripe their parking lots and curbs because of our Project Managers’ ability to be organized and complete projects on time and with no management from our customers. We apply stenciling for jobs ranging from one parking space to entire parking lots.

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Historic Restoration

We have performed dozens of restoration projects on historical buildings and Victorian homes. We are experienced with lead removal by chemical strippers, sanding with HEPA vacuums,  2-part epoxy fillers, concrete and stucco, and wood repairs. These projects require attention to detail to ensure that all damaged areas are identified and repaired according to safety regulations. With our eneral contractor’s license, we employ an expert staff of carpenters for your building’s repairs.