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... specialty coating for metal structures

Making sure the metal on your structure is in sound condition can save you from having to eventually replace a portion or in some cases the whole structure. When painting a metal structure there are many factors that come in to play in evaluating the type of coating system to be used. The first and most important portion of the evaluation is the level of prep that will be able to be achieved on the structure. While the best preparation prior to painting is to get the structure to bare and or white metal by blasting that is often times not a possibility either by budget and or location constraints.

Because blasting is often not a part of the equation, a detailed assessment of the existing condition(s) is paramount in devising a surface preparation scope. Needle Guns, Grinders and other SSPC 3 Power Tools are often common recommendations for in prep of metal structures. It is important for the applicator to be familiar with the different types of metals and to make sure that the SSPC 3 Power Tools used will not further damage the metal surface being prepared (ferrous vs non-ferrous metals).

A second consideration is the existing coating system. The removal of existing coating system(s) is the best preparation option when considering a new coating system. However like blasting, the complete removal of existing coatings can be costly and in some cases not even feasible. Therefore, it is recommended a field test of the new coating system should be applied on the cleaned and prepped existing coating prior to commencing with the project.

Another factor is selecting the new coating system is the exposure to corrosive risk and the desired life cycle for the new coating. The higher the corrosive risk the shorter the potential life cycle of the coating. Coastal and offshore locations with high levels of salinity being the highest corrosive risk.

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