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City South Apartments

Exterior Painting

City South Luxury Apartments is a Type A Multi-Family Residential Property with over 300 units, located in a beautiful residential sector within San Mateo, just south of San Francisco. We worked closely with Regional Quality Assurance Managers in the formulation of appropriate painting specifications, bid processing and logistic planning prior to the acceptance of our proposal. Once our proposal was accepted, we provided a detailed schedule as an informational tool for both the management team on-site and for residents. We maintained constant communication with management to keep them involved in the progress, but worked hard to make sure we did not give them any extra work. We believe in being as self-sufficient as possible, taking care of issues, and communicating effectively and quickly as they come up. The project proceeded as planned with very little disruption to the tenants.

Special Considerations

With 6 different color arrangements, the property will retain a clean, stylish and modern look with the protection of top-of-the-line 100% acrylic exterior paints for many years to come.

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