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Moss Landing Energy Facility

Moss Landing Energy Facility is a natural gas fueled power plant situated in Moss Landing, California. Because such a large amount of water is needed to cool down the water coming from the turbines, the power plant was built right next to the ocean, where all of its cooling water is pumped from the Monterey Bay.

We have been working at the Moss Landing Energy Facility since 2008, preparing and painting their steel structures, water tanks, piping, generators, and transformers using a 3 coat system from Carboline. During our time at this facility, we have had to practice Lockout/Tagout procedures, confined space procedures, JSAs, SSSPs, compliance task plans, and GFCIs, as well as have a safety rescue plan in place.

Special Considerations

Exposed to some of the harshest conditions, the metal structures and equipment at Moss Landing Energy Facility need a very robust coating system.

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