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Peninsula Professional Center

Built in 1974 The Peninsula Professional Center is a Class B medical office located in Burlingame that’s a little over 60,000 Sqft and projecting 8 stories high. Due to wear and tear, the building started displaying several serious issues including water intrusion and concrete spalling on the upper deck concrete cement board.

McLaughlin was hired to remove all loose concrete due to rusting structural steel followed by SSPC-SP3 power tool cleaning preparation followed by new cement compound suitable for the existing concrete cement board. Once this portion of the project was completed we removed and replaced all sealant joints and re-glazed all the upper deck windows followed by an acrylic coating system to modernize the look of the building.

One of the challenges was ensuring proper pull tests of sealants and glazing on various substrates, meeting a tight deadline while not disrupting everyday business, helping provide dozens of color renderings to meet customer’s expectations on modernization.

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